David D. Merritt Obituary, Death – David graduated from Saegertown High School in 1983, where he participated in all three of the school’s varsity athletic programs: wrestling, baseball, and football. David, a veteran of the United States, enlisted in the Army on January 7, 1986 and served his country in the 82nd Airborne Division during his time in the military. After being dismissed from the Army with honor on January 6, 1990, he continued his military service in the Army National Guard for another four years. During his stint in the military, he successfully made 21 jumps, won the Army Achievement Medal, the Army Good Conduct Medal, and the Parachute Badge.

He was also awarded the Sharpshooter Badge and the Hand Grenade Expert Badge. David continued his studies by earning a degree with High Honors from Edinboro University in spite of the fact that he was also raising a family and worked full time throughout that period. Greenleaf Corporation employed him for the previous 33 years, right up until the day he passed away. He worked there until the day he died. David’s “perfectionist” commitment to any endeavor he engaged on earned him a reputation for excellence. He particularly enjoyed coaching young athletes in the areas of wrestling and softball for girls.

He served as a Sports First Aider for a variety of Saegertown sports teams for a significant portion of his career. An passionate fan of the great outdoors, he delighted in spending time with his family in the forest or on the water. He was an avid participant in a variety of sporting activities such as golf, archery, fishing, and hunting, particularly for game such as deer, rabbits, and turkey. The phrase “Poppy can repair it!” was commonly used by David’s relatives to refer to him. He had an exceptional awareness of the things that were within his capabilities and the things that were beyond them, and he was endowed with a wealth of “handyman talents.

” David was renowned to adhere strictly to the guidelines set forth in life. He was extremely competitive, yet his decisions were always based on fairness. He has always been and will continue to be the steadying presence in his family. He had a significant impact on the lives of a number of people in his town. David was determined to make as many happy memories with his grandsons and all of his loved ones, who meant the world to him, even in the final days and moments of his courageous battle with cancer, which lasted for three and a half years. He will continue to live on in the hearts of his loved ones for the rest of eternity.

David is survived by his wife of 36 years, Melanie; his children Amber Bradshaw (Patrick) and Kyle David Merritt, both of Saegertown; two grandsons he cherished, Connor and Cole Bradshaw; his parents Carmen and Vina Merritt; his brother Scott A. Merritt; and his parents in law Richard and Susan Walker, all of Saegertown. In addition, David is survived by his parents in law Richard and Susan Walker, also of Saegertown.