David Dunn Obituary, Death –  David Renton Dunn, who lived in Chatham Township and passed away on November 28, 2022 in the Autumn Lake Health Care facility in Berkeley Heights, was a resident of Chatham Township. He was 79. David Dunn’s mother Penelope and his father Stewart Dunn brought him up in Short Hills, and he received his secondary education at Millburn High School until he graduated. Orange is the city where David was born. After completing his studies, he enlisted in the United States Air Force and was finally stationed to a facility in Texas, where he worked as a mechanic for airplanes.

He eventually retired from the Air Force. After completing his service obligation of four years in the Air Force, he went on to pursue a career as a freelance photographer, specializing in the photography of children and newlywed couples. David contributed to the St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison and offered his time driving for the American Red Cross. In addition, he drove for the Red Cross. He had a soft spot for all kinds of animals, but especially for strays, whom he did his best to care for by giving them food and getting them spayed and neutered. David enjoyed learning about history, as well as riding motorcycles and driving automobiles.

Activities like as windsurfing and tennis provided him with a sense of fulfillment whenever he engaged in them. David liked the time he got to spend with his friends in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, engaging in card games and attending social functions. Because he was intuitive, empathetic, sensitive, and kind, those who were struggling and in need of aid had a wonderful friend in him. He was there for them when they needed him the most. He was steady and modest, and everyone enjoyed being around him because of his excellent sense of humor, which put people at ease and allowed them to be themselves.

He was a person who everyone enjoyed being around because of his sense of humor. More than anything else, David looked forward to returning home each day to his established routine and the comfort of his well-worn surroundings.  During the nearly half a century that Connie L. Schiavoni and David were together, she held David in high regard as her life companion. Penelope Dunn Alexitch, Sydney Dunn Reed, and Stewart A. Dunn Jr. were his devoted siblings, and he was their loving brother. In addition, he has a sizeable brood of nieces and nephews that he will be leaving behind.