David Nesbitt Obituary, Death – An inquest found that a retired NHS consultant died as a result of negligence on an understaffed hospital ward. Dr. David Gordon-Nesbitt, 84, died of asphyxiation following a bowel reconstruction procedure at the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital (QEQM) in Margate, Kent. Following the surgery, a drainage tube became clogged. Later, it was discovered that the ward only had three of the five nurses who were meant to be working there.

Dr. Gordon-Nesbitt was being cared for by two nurses from an outside organization and a student nurse, who should not have been left unsupervised. The doctor in charge of the unit was not physically there and could only be reached by phone, according to the inquest. Dr. Gordon-Nesbitt was believed to have died as a result of inhaling stomach fluids into his lungs due to a mistake made on an understaffed ward.

According to an assistant coroner, Dr. Gordon-Nesbitt died as a result of a failure in the core nursing clinical care that she received, rather than a difficult or complicated medical therapy. According to his family, the consultant paediatrician who has since retired is in “extremely good health for his age.” After acknowledging the findings of the coroner’s probe, the East Kent Hospitals Trust apologized to Dr. Gordon-family Nesbitt’s. According to the coroner’s assessment, inadequate staffing had a role in the mistreatment.

Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, of Ramsgate, reported that her father, Dr. Gordon-Nesbitt, was in exceptional health for a man of his age. This was an issue he had been struggling with for years, and it should not have resulted in his death. “When Dad died over the weekend, there were far too few experienced nursing workers available to work, and a tragic blunder was made in his care.

“My father spent 45 years of his professional life in the National Health Service. It’s incomprehensible that he died in such a dreadful way. The government is ultimately responsible for the National Health Service’s (NHS) underfunding and the termination of the nursing bursary.