David Nester Obituary, Death – we are sorry to be the one to break the news to you, but David Nester passed away earlier today. He suffered what was almost certainly a fatal heart attack while he was driving me to the Steelers game, and he passed away at the scene of the accident. This morning, it seemed like he had a positive attitude about the situation. And as a fitting conclusion to his life, he offered a ride to a total stranger as his last act of kindness. He was of great assistance to a large number of people who formerly resided in Apex Max as well as people who currently reside there. He went to the AA clubhouse in Sandy Springs, which is located at 8111, almost every day, and he was very consistent in his attendance at the meetings that were held there.

He was the first person to offer assistance to a person who was in a difficult situation. During this most recent stint, he stayed in my basement and offered food to any participant in the program who came to my house. During this time, he was in the program. He was a participant in the program during this time period. He never attempted to place blame on anyone else for his mistakes, and he always accepted full responsibility for his actions, even when they resulted in negative consequences. When I was forced to deal with potentially stressful situations that arise in sober living, I looked up to him as a friend who not only gave me helpful advice but also acted as a calming influence on me. I viewed him as someone who should be looked up to because he was able to help me deal with these situations.

I had the impression that he was a friend of mine. Even though he had been the proprietor of his own company in the past, he swallowed his pride and put in a lot of effort to make sure that he was not a burden on anyone, even if this meant working jobs that he was less than enthusiastic about. He did this so that he could ensure that he was not a burden on anyone.
The trait of honesty that he possessed stood out to me the most when I thought about him as a person. I was able to relax and trust him enough to invite him to stay with me in my home because he was so forthright and dependable. One of the reasons was precisely this.

RIP David Nester. Everyone here is going to miss having you around. I will be able to provide further updates regarding a memorial service after speaking with his friends and family members.