David Orr Obituary, Death – At the UPMC West Shore Hospital on Friday, December 2, 2022, David R. Orr, who had been born in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, passed away. He had been a patient there for a long time. He had reached the age of seventy. It was decided that the best place for his burial would be in the Camp Hill Cemetery. He had been a patient at that establishment for the previous five years prior to that point in time. Dave has never lived anywhere else other than Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, which is also the location of his birth on February 1, 1952. Dave has spent his entire life in this one location. Dave has never established roots in any other part of the globe.

Dave has never called any other location home; this one has always been his primary residence. Dave’s life has been spent entirely in that location; he has never called another place home. He has never established a long-term residence in any other neighborhood of any of the other towns or cities he has called home over his lifetime. Today, Dave is surrounded by all of his loved ones, including his doting wife Sharon Orr, his granddaughter Haley Delph, and his two Old English Sheepdogs, Sam and Auggie. Dave also has his two Old English Sheepdogs, Sam and Auggie. Sam and Auggie, Dave’s Old English Sheepdogs, are also a part of the family.

Dave’s Old English Sheepdogs, Sam and Auggie, are considered to be members of the family as well. A substantial number of people’s lives will be significantly diminished without Dave there to brighten each and every one of those days. Dave got a lot of satisfaction out of occupying his leisure time with a wide range of interests. Some of these pastimes were cooking, traveling, and shopping at flea markets, to name just a few. Football was another one of his favorite sports to watch, and he had a strong allegiance to not one, but two teams: the Philadelphia Eagles and the Oklahoma Sooners. In addition to that, he engaged in the activity of playing fantasy football.

It was one of his favorite things to do to take a seat on the terrace whenever he had some spare time and watch the ducks swimming around below. This was one of his favorite things to do when he needed to kill some time. His family will see to it that all of the necessary preparations are made, in addition to the planning of a memorial service that will take place at a later date. A memorial service will be organized in his honor, and it will serve as an homage to him.