David Simon Obituary, Death – David Simon of Albany, New York has passed away. David was one of the best NCAA Division I umpires. He was from Joplin, Missouri. According to David’s GoFundMe account; “Our community is devastated to learn of the passing of David Simon, loving son, father, husband, coworker, and friend. For all who had the honor of knowing Dave called him “The Mayor” since his friendliness and positive spirit uplifted each person he met. He was genuinely one of the most kind-hearted, encouraging, and loving people. His legacy will be carried on in the many communities he impacted, and he will be truly missed. This fund will assist the Simon family with expenses during this unimaginably devastating time. Thank you for your support.”

According to an online publication- After hearing the news this morning, my heart was broken. David Simon, the first college baseball umpire I ever hired, has died. Over the years, we’ve grown closer, almost as if we were brothers from different mothers. My thoughts are with his lovely wife Candy and their children. Dave and I met during a modified baseball game between Averill Park and Columbia in 2011, when I couldn’t help but notice how hard this particular umpire was working while watching my son play. I was blown away by his hustle, field demeanor, and umpiring zeal… I approached him in his car after the game and asked if he was interested in officiating college baseball.

We exchanged phone numbers, and he called a few weeks later to inquire about getting into collegiate umpiring. I assigned him several umpiring evaluation sites where my college assignor would be present. Dave went on to become one of the best NCAA Division I umpires, umpiring for the NCAA Division III College World Series as well as numerous NCAA Division I Conference Tournaments. My friend, rest in peace; you will be missed. Click to visit David Simon’s GoFundMe Page