Derrick Hutchins Obituary, Death –¬†Bishop Derrick W. Hutchins, Sr., passed away recently, and I have been left in a state of profound grief, shock, and disbelief ever since the news broke. In the few years that I had the good fortune to know him, he had such a profound and enduring impression on my life that it will never be erased. Bishop never stopped referring to me as his brother in the covenant. What a fantastic individual he turned out to be! A mighty man of God, a visionary and a leader who also happens to be one of the best preachers and instructors I have ever listened to.

I shall miss you terribly and am so grateful to God for allowing our paths to cross in the first place so that I could become acquainted with you. I will be eternally grateful to you for that. My thoughts and prayers are with his dear wife, our much-loved Dr. K, son, siblings, congregants, and the entire congregation of GCFC at this difficult time. Bishop Hutchins, I love you so much, and I know that God, in His almighty sovereignty, has decided to take you from toil to reward. John 16:22 “And so it is with you: This is the hour of your sorrow; but I will come back to you, and then you will rejoice, and no one will ever take away your happiness.”

After learning of Bishop Derrick W. Hutchins’s passing, our hearts are shattered to the point of complete and utter destruction. He was one of the most important people in our lives. When we went to visit his church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I will never forget the time we went there. As I was walking into the sanctuary, he stopped me and told me to go to the Missionary class because he saw something in me that I was not willing to embrace at the moment.

Bishop Hutchins inspired me to perform deeds that were honorable. Every time I got the chance to read for him, he would tell me, “Read up on the word, not like you were reading.” The scene in which Jack and Jill climb the hill always brings to mind the previous thought I had about them doing so. We give thanks to God for providing the chance for us to participate in such a wonderful ministry. We will be sure to pray for the Hutchins family in the coming days.