Devonte Grant Obituary, Death – Coastal Carolina University has released the name of a student who passed away on campus on Sunday from what appear to be natural causes. According to a message sent to students, faculty, and staff members on Wednesday, Devonte Grant, a first-year theatre major from Little River, will be honored on April 13 during a university memorial program. According to the university, Grant was very active in campus organizations and “was very excited about theater.” The African American Initiative for Men, the Coastal Activities Board, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, People Respecting Individual Diversity and Equality, Students Navigating and Advising Peers, Upstage, and most recently, he was cast in The Green Bird’s spring theater production was all organizations he belonged to.

Prayers and well wishes were requested for “his family, friends, classmates, professors, and everyone who knew him,” according to the university. We are all going through a difficult time, so students ought to think about helping one another. The investigation into the death was launched late Sunday night by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and other authorities. Later, though their name was withheld, the Horry County Coroner’s Office reported that a student had perished from what appeared to be natural causes.

The university stated that it held off on disclosing his identity until Wednesday night to give his family time to “complete notifications and mourn Devonte’s loss.” The function of SLED in the circumstance was also discussed by the university. According to the university, South Carolina law mandates that “the institution shall notify the State Law Enforcement Division in the case of a reported death at an institution of higher learning.” Together with campus public safety at the institution, SLED is in charge of the joint investigation.

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