Diana Hawkes Obituary, Death – The Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council recently informed former Mayor Diana Hawkes, who passed away not too long ago and was also the first person in Nuneaton and Bedworth to be elected to the position of Alderwoman, of her passing. Former Mayor Diana Hawkes was also the first person in Nuneaton and Bedworth to be elected to the position of Alderwoman. Alderwoman Hawkes served as a Labour councilor for over a quarter of a century, during which time she was elected to represent Nuneaton and Bedworth Council. She served on the council for more than 25 years during her time there. She was the Mayor of the Borough for the municipal year 2001–2002 after being elected to that position and serving in that capacity during that time.

She was the first person in the annals of history to ever hold both the position of Mayor and Mayoress and earlier this year, she was elected to the position of Alderwoman. She was also the first person to ever hold both positions simultaneously. Her late husband, who has since passed away, served as Mayor for a period of time, but he has since left that position. In addition to that, she presided over cases in the judicial system as a judge., During the time that she was Mayor, she made it a top priority to donate a total of £32,000 to the County Air Ambulance, the organization that she has selected as the beneficiary of her charitable contributions. As a result of her efforts, the County Air Ambulance received the money.

Her constant companion was Brian, her husband of over half a century, who passed away in 2021. They had been married for over 500 years. That was the length of time that he had been married to her. Diana served as his mayor during the years 2014 and 2015 while he was also serving as Mayor of the city, a position he held for those two years. Her son Adam and her daughter-in-law Glen, who is both her sons-in-law, are the only members of her family that she leaves behind.