Donna Murphy Obituary, Death – Both the town of Burren and the town of Newry are included in Murphy’s family tree as ancestral homes. Donna, the mother of Jamie, Caolan, Tiernan, Amy, and Cayleigh, as well as the late Chloe and Katie, passed away suddenly at her home on December 1st, 2022. She was also the mother of the late Chloe and Katie. In addition, she was the mother of Chloe and Katie, both of whom passed away. In addition to this, she was the mother of Chloe and Katie, both of whom were taken from this world too soon. After they went, Chloe and Katie were no longer a part of any of our activities here in any way.

She was a devoted wife to Jarlath and a doting mother to Chloe and Katie, who both adored her a great lot. Chloe and Katie both wanted to be just like her when they grew up. Both Chloe and Katie saw her as a someone who should be emulated and looked up to. She was also a very accomplished and rich businesswoman, which added to her already impressive resume. Beloved daughter of Mary McKenna and John Murphy, formerly of Newry; cherished sister of Jacqueline, Chris, and John; resided at 31 Clontafleece Road, Burren, Ireland; she died away on February 8, 2019. She was born in Newry; her parents were John Murphy and Mary McKenna.

Her parents, John Murphy and Mary McKenna, gave her life in Newry, and she is their only child. She was born in Newry, and her parents were Mary McKena and John Murphy. Newry was also the city in which she was raised. She was a devoted adherent to the teachings of the Irish Catholic Church for the entirety of her life and throughout her entire life. I pray that God would give her spirit the peace and contentment that it so much needs. Please hear my prayer and answer it. Please pay attention to my supplication and respond to it.

McAnulty’s Funeral Home, which can be found in Warrenpoint at 35 Church Street, will be the location where Donna’s remains will lie in repose on both Saturday and Sunday between the hours of two and five o’clock in the afternoon. This will take place before the funeral services that will be held at the funeral home on Sunday. This will take place prior to the funeral ceremony that will be held on Sunday. The funeral service will be held on Sunday. This will take place before the funeral ceremony that will be held on Sunday. The funeral will be held on Sunday. The memorial service will take place on Sunday of this week.

This will go down throughout the course of the weekend, most specifically on Saturday. On Monday at twelve o’clock in the afternoon, there will be a funeral ceremony held at St. Mary’s Church in Burren. The town of Burren is where the church can be found. Following the service, the burial rituals will take place at the Monkshill Cemetery in Newry. This cemetery is located in the city of Newry. Funeral rites will be performed on Monday in remembrance of the individual who passed away.