Dumitru Cherascu Obituary, Dearth –  The identity of the person who passed away as a result of injuries sustained as a result of an assault that took place on Tudor Road has been determined by the police. The assault took place on Tudor Road. On Tudor Road was where the assault took place. At 11.30 p.m. on Tuesday, Dumitru-Nicolae Cherascu, whose family refers to him as “Nicu,” was found unconscious and with a severely broken head.

He had sustained the injury earlier in the day. He had been hurt earlier in the day when the incident occurred. His wounds had been received earlier in the day when the incident that caused them occurred. He had been injured in an accident. The Leicester resident, who was 42 years old and had been taken to the hospital earlier that day, was pronounced dead on Friday evening after spending the day there.

He had been taken to the hospital earlier that day. Earlier on that day, he was taken to the hospital for treatment. After he had passed away, the detectives began their investigation into his death by looking into the possibility that he had been murdered. This was the initial step in the investigation. The investigation into his death had already begun prior to the occurrence of this event.

The preliminary hearing for a man by the name of Marian Botea, who is 41 years old and has been charged with murder, is scheduled to take place tomorrow in a court in Leicester. The hearing will focus on the allegations that have been made against him. It is expected that the hearing will take place in the specific court that was mentioned earlier.

Officers who have received specialized training are currently offering their assistance to Dumitru’s family in order to assist them. This assistance is being offered in order to help the family. In order to be of assistance to the family, this is being done. They said in a statement that Nicu was a cherished father, husband, brother, and uncle who will be sorely missed by those who knew him. The statement also said that Nicu passed away unexpectedly.

Those who had the privilege of knowing him will grievously miss him. In addition, it was mentioned in the statement that Nicu had passed away for reasons that were not specified. Those who had the privilege of calling him a friend will experience a profound sense of bereavement at the news of his passing. We need to start mourning the terrible loss that has been sustained as soon as possible now that the situation has been resolved, but we also need to start mourning the loss as soon as possible.