Duncan Robinson Obituary,  Death – Whom It May Concern, The Right Honorable Thank You for Your Time and Consideration The Honorable Duncan Robinson, CBE Mr. Duncan Robinson, CBET, who is highly respected On December 2, 2022, the College received the news that Mr. Duncan Robinson CBE, an Honorary Fellow who had formerly held the position of Master, had passed away in the United States in a calm and peaceful manner. This news caused the College to feel a great deal of sorrow.

The College wishes to express its sincere condolences to those who will be affected by this announcement. During his time as Master of Magdalene College, which began in 2002 and lasted until 2012, he oversaw a significant rise in the overall academic performance of the institution. This rise occurred under his watch. In addition to this, he was the primary impetus behind the decision to construct the New Library and initiate the extremely fruitful Future Foundations Campaign.

He was also the driving force behind the construction of the New Library. His achievements in this field of research brought him widespread recognition as an art historian, for which he was subsequently awarded. You can find the following, which was written by the current Master, Sir Christopher Greenwood, here: Duncan Robinson was a Master who was exceptional in every way that one could imagine. He was the absolute best that had ever lived.

He was an outstanding student who put in a tremendous amount of effort and achieved a great deal of success in his efforts to improve the academic standing of the College while still keeping its welcoming and encouraging environment. He did this while maintaining the College’s friendly and supportive environment. The National Society of Collegiate Scholars counted him as a member at one point.

Although the recently built Library is a testament to his vision for Magdalene and has received numerous accolades for its design, this is merely the materialization of an influence that permeated every aspect of college life. The Library, has received numerous accolades for its design. Duncan once remarked that his time spent in the role of Master was the most productive and satisfying of his entire career. This statement refers to Duncan’s time spent in the role of Master.

This statement is in reference to the period of time that Duncan served as the Master. It is an honor for me to be one of the people he chose to succeed him as President of the College because everyone at the College is grateful to him for everything he did for the institution. I am honored to be one of the people he chose to succeed him as President of the College.