Dylan Wielt Obituary, Death – Holy hell, this is difficult to type out. After learning about this, I find myself completely dumbfounded. The last time you got in touch with me, I was in Fargo; you told me that if I didn’t plan on coming back, you were going to find a job in the area and walk all the way there to see me. Reading it now that I’m in New York made me laugh out loud once more, but it also brought fresh tears to my eyes as I realized that you had died away. All I want to do is see ya & give ya a big ol’ hug again.

Dylan, you were one of the best guys I’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing, and I pray that you are at peace now. I am so thankful for the friendship that we all shared and the memories that we created together; not to mention, I will never forget all of the crazy ass stunts you’d pull anytime you’d pick me up on the bike. With you and the lads, I participated in a great many activities for the first time. hydroplaning on purpose, doing doughnuts that leave a terrible burned tire track, and then teaching me how to do all of those things, as well as making me comfortable being around and handling firearms, was my first dabadoo.

Having you three at my back at all times served as a constant reminder that I was never alone; whenever I needed ya, you were just a phone call away, and vice versa. We’d be next to each other in a matter of milliseconds. We would make it a point to come see you and hang out with the three of us just like the good old days whenever you weren’t traveling for work. The times that we spent supporting one another, catching up, and simply being ourselves are the kinds of times that I will always treasure. You were a very unique and remarkable individual.

You brought a ray of sunshine into every space you entered. You were able to make people laugh even while they were in the midst of their deepest grief. Your sense of humor was top-notch, and it will be difficult for me to forget you. Dyl, it won’t be long before I catch up to you and ride up there with you. I know that you are keeping a watchful eye over us. My deepest condolences go out to you, your wonderful sister, and all of your other family and friends. ~ Aut Leigh