Edward Huffsmith Obituary, Death – Edward Franklin Huffsmith III, who had been residing in Nicholson up until the time of his death and had reached the age of 33 at the time of his passing, was taken from this world on November 23, 2022. His age was 33 at the time. On October 14, 1989, his parents, Edward Franklin Huffsmith Jr. and Deborah Thomas Kirchoff, brought their baby into the world, and he is their son. His name is also Edward Franklin Huffsmith Jr. Additionally, he goes by the name of Edward Franklin Huffsmith Jr. Edward is the name that most people know him by.

After graduating from Lackawant to Trail High School, he went on to work for R.G. Petty Construction for a combined total of six years after beginning his career in the construction industry with Lackawant to Trail High School. During that time, he was employed in the construction industry, where he gained a significant amount of knowledge that was beneficial to him. He was particularly enthusiastic about quick autos, a range of different motorcycles, and a dog named Baby Girl that he kept as a companion.

In addition, Edward is survived by his brother John Huffsmith, John’s significant other Diana, Edward’s stepfather Dan Kirchoff, Edward’s significant other Johnna Freeman, and a sizeable number of Edward’s aunts, uncles, and cousins. John’s significant other Diana is also survived by Edward. Diana, who was in a relationship with John, is one of the people left behind by Edward. One of the people that were left behind by Edward is a woman named Diana.

She had a romantic involvement with John. There is a woman named Diana who was one of the persons that Edward abandoned after their encounter. She had a romantic relationship with John at one point. There will be a memorial visitation held on Saturday, December 10, from one to three o’clock in the afternoon at the Charles H. Litwin Funeral Home in Nicholson, which can be found at 91 State Street.