Elizabeth Tiralongo Obituary, Death – A blaze that broke out in a warehouse in Orange County last week that was storing fireworks is responsible for the death of a fourth person, as stated by the officials of the county, who were in charge of the warehouse. It has been determined that the person who passed away as a result of this incident was Elizabeth Tiralongo, who was 22 years old. It was determined over the weekend that Landon Bourland, age 24, David Gonzalez, age 22, and Lindsey Phillips, age 23, had all passed away after being transported to the hospital, as stated by the sheriff’s office. Bourland was 24, Gonzalez was 22, and Phillips was 23.

On Thursday evening around 7:20, a fire broke out at 901 Central Florida Parkway. The fire was started there. Orange County Fire Rescue crews responded to reports of a building fire with fireworks going off inside and people trapped inside, according to what Battalion Chief Garrett Wienckowski said at the scene. A visible trail of flame could be seen leading away from the structure. According to Wienckowski, the fire started a “chain reaction” that led to the launch of fireworks “similar to the one in Melbourne.” These fireworks were a result of the chain reaction. After launching a “aggressive attack” against the fire, rescue crews were able to pull victims out of the building and bring them to safety.

As far as Wienckowski can tell, the fire was unable to spread beyond the boundaries of the fireworks storage facility. The multipurpose building serves a variety of purposes, one of which is housing a furniture store that has not been damaged. The role of primary investigator into what caused the fire has been given to the state fire marshal in this investigation. At this time, the deaths are not being investigated as potential homicides by the authorities.