Ella Troup Obituary, Death – Two young boys are going to have a very difficult Christmas without their mother because she passed away in a horrific accident just six weeks after receiving shocking news that she had stage four cancer. Ben Troup and their two young sons, Ollie, 1, and Leo, 3, have been left heartbroken by Ella Troup’s unexpected death, which has thrown her young family into disarray. However, Ms. Troup’s close friends and family, in addition to her superiors at the furniture and homewares company GlobeWest in Frankston, Melbourne, where she worked as a product manager, have come together to support her.

Ms. MacLeod said on the fundraising website, “Very few people knew that Ella had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer just six weeks ago,” which is the day the diagnosis was made. Mrs. Troup’s workplace, GlobeWest, made a donation of $30,000 to the crowdfunding page and said, “Ella’s GlobeWest family are devastated & we are extending our love to Ben, Ollie, & Leo.” “She had a long fight to discover the primary source when she, unfortunately, lost the battle during a procedure.” Ben, Ms. Troup’s partner, also contributed to the memorials for his wife by producing an emotional film in her honor.

The video that was uploaded to Facebook shows his wife jogging along the beach while The Lumineers’ song “Just Like Heaven” plays in the background. Down The Street, the family’s neighborhood coffee shop also offered their tribute to the much-loved customer who frequented their establishment on Facebook. According to what was written in the article, “Last week we received the heartbreaking news that our wonderful customer Ella passed away.” “Ella, Ben, and their small boys have been a part of our community for years, and all of her family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

” Another close friend of the family posted a heartfelt tribute on the family’s Facebook page. She added that “our wonderful buddy Ella lost her battle with illness a few days ago,” and that “this beautiful family was torn apart by disease in the process.” “She has abandoned these two young boys, who do not have a mother, as well as a devoted husband who does not have a wife.” Brokenhearted doesn’t even begin to cover the ache in my chest. More than a thousand people have contributed to the fundraising effort, and many of them have shared heartfelt recollections and kind thoughts about the mother of two. “My heart aches for you, your boys, and all of your extended family,” I said. “May you find the strength you need to get through this challenging moment? “Ben, we are sending you and your adorable boys all of our love. We hope you have a wonderful day.” One of the other people said, “We are terribly heartbroken for you.”