Ellsworth Tripp Obituary, Death –┬áThe members of the Cohocton Hook & Ladder Company would like to take this opportunity to offer their most sincere condolences to Mrs. Tripp and the rest of the Tripp family on the passing of Coach Ellsworth Tripp, who is being mourned by everyone in this town. The passing of Coach Ellsworth Tripp is being mourned by everyone in this town. Over the course of many years, Coach Ellsworth Tripp was a cherished figure in this neighborhood. After initially joining the Cohocton Fire Department as a volunteer on June 7, 1966, Ellsworth quickly moved up the ranks to become an active member of the department.

Before being granted honorary status as a member of the organization for the rest of his life, he was required to have worked continuously as a volunteer for the benefit of his community for a period of twenty years. This was a prerequisite for him being eligible for the honorary status. This was a necessary precondition. Not only did Ellsworth aid the people in his area, but he also served his country and was honored with a bronze star for his duty during the Korean War.

Not only did he help the people in his community, but he also helped his country. The efforts that Ellsworth has made, not just to his neighborhood but also to his country, are very much appreciated. People in our country as well as in other countries took notice of his unwavering dedication to supporting those who were in need of assistance.

We owe you a debt of gratitude because of the countless hours of hard labor, uncompromising devotion, and infinite love that you have bestowed upon our little corner of the world. You unquestionably contributed significantly to the procedure that was responsible for transforming this neighborhood into the one-of-a-kind setting that it formerly possessed. I have the utmost confidence that each and every one of your upcoming endeavors will bring you nothing but joy and fulfillment, Coach. Have a good night’s sleep!