Emmanuel Moran Obituary, Death -The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office reports that Emmanuel Martinez Moran, 22, was employed as a construction worker when he was murdered earlier this week in Clarksville after a trench collapsed. Moran’s death occurred on Tuesday of this week. In the earlier part of the week, the incident took place. Moran was identified as the person who was hurt in the attack.

Moran was employed by a company called Dan Cristiani Excavating, which has its headquarters in Clarksville, on a project that involved the relocation of sewage lines along McKinley Avenue. Moran was working on the trench when it collapsed early on Monday morning while he was doing the job. The municipality of Dan Cristiani chose to work with Dan Cristiani Excavating as the contractor for the project.

Martinez experienced a medical emergency and was taken to the University of Louisville Hospital for treatment; however, he did not survive his stay at the hospital and passed away suddenly shortly after his arrival. The findings of the autopsy that was performed by the coroner revealed that blunt force trauma was the primary contributor to the decedent’s passing. Excavating is one of the company’s primary areas of expertise, and they have issued a statement expressing their sadness over the untimely death of one of its employees.

In addition, the statement included the following phrase: “our thoughts and prayers are with his family and our DC team as we all navigate this sad tragedy.” [Further citation is required] During this challenging time, we would want to take this opportunity to thank the community for standing with our Dan Cristiani Excavating crew and extending their support.

An investigation into the fatality is being carried out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration right now so that the agency can figure out what caused it. In order for Dan Cristiani Excavating to be able to take part in the assessment, trenching work that was previously being performed on the projects that the company is presently working on has been temporarily paused.