Ernest Bernard Obituary, Death – On December 2, 2022, Ernest “Ernie” Bernard, who had reached the age of 64 at the time of his untimely passing, was taken from us in a way that was completely unexpected. His passing occurred on the day that would have marked the anniversary of his birth. He has devoted the past 23 years of his life to his role as a spouse to Kathryn “Kathy” (née Gearo), and they have two children together. William and Jeannette should count themselves extremely fortunate to have been blessed with a son who is both loving and devoted.

Denise Tolliver, Dorine Minnehan (Randy), Donna Ryant (Doug), Theresa Bost (Brian), and Dave Bernard consider him to be the sibling with whom they have the most in common with one another. Due to the fact that he is Carrie Matese’s brother-in-law, Joe Gearo (Dorothea) and Carrie Matese hold him in extremely high regard. On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, the family will get together at THE RIPEPI FUNERAL HOME, which is located at 5762 Pearl Road, in order to pay their respects to Ernie and celebrate his life. This gathering is scheduled to take place on Tuesday.

This event is going to go forward as planned. Later on today, the get-together will take place in his honor, and we can’t wait! (at Snow Road). At a crossroads where the Snow Road and the Pearl Road meet is where you’ll find the funeral home serving the town of Snow. At 6:45 in the evening, as the event is drawing to a close, there will be a prayer spoken as part of the closing ceremony, which will take place at the same location as the event.

If you can help it, you should make an effort to not come in looking overly formal considering the setting of the event. The Holy Cross Cemetery, which has been selected as the location for the ceremonies, will serve as the setting for the cremation as well as the burial services that will be held for the departed at some point in the near future. The cemetery was selected because of its proximity to the Holy Cross Church, which will serve as the location for the ceremonies.