Ernie Moore Obituary, Death –  Ernie Moore was the WWE’s most unlikely heavyweight. In the 1960s and 1970s, Moore was dubbed “The Executioner.” Wrestling fans all over North America were roused by his mask. Bishop of the Harlequin Singers and a devout Mormon. He was a weekend bouncer at Mellows and The Junction, but he told The Spectator in 2007 that he tried to bargain with troublemakers and read “The Book of Mormon” while keeping an eye on the door. Adopted were two sons. Facelift Moore began wrestling at the age of 16 with Jack Hill as Ernie. In 1965, he took over for “The Hangman” in Michigan. (Alternatively, Sudbury).

Moore: “I nearly caused a riot” Moore: “I liked evil.” “I barely made it to the dressing room,” he admitted to The Spec. Moore retired after a car accident in 1979, following “The Executioner.” Moore created the Hamilton Spectator. After 38 years, the distribution supervisor retired. He guarded Sophia Loren, Tony Bennett, and Harry Belafonte at Carmen’s Banquet Center. He coached wrestlers at Empire Wrestling Federation in Burlington, Powerslam Academy in Stoney Creek, and Living Legends on the east side of the mountain. Willem Snip, William Terry, and Johns Evans were all fed by him (Reggie of the Love Brothers.)

Dennis Concordia, 74, worked with Moore at The Spectator and Carmen’s. He paid a visit last month. He was described as gentle and sweet by Concordia. Strong and silent. Respectful and modest. He encouraged others.” Moore, according to Peter Mercanti, was kind and humble. “He’s unique,” Mercanti says. Never got angry; never slandered. He was loved. Ernest and Alice Moore had Moore on December 21, 1939. He wasn’t skinny, but he was bullied because he didn’t fight to honor his mother’s wish to stay out of trouble. His mother let him defend himself when he was 10 and was beaten. He punched the nose of the next bully.

Moore was introduced to wrestling in 1956 by “Hurricane and Cyclone Smith.” He was accepted into Al Spittle’s downtown gym. His children are Peter, Matthew, Catherine, Candace, Suzanne, and Ricky Moore, as well as his wife Georgie, three grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Diane is still alive.