Ethan Lambes Obituary, Death – Ethan Lambes, 31, of Onsted, Michigan died in tragic car accident. EthanĀ attended Onsted High School, he also studied at Washtenaw Community College. Ethan’s death news was announced through an online publication; I am writing this in my capacity as a father at the moment. Because I am a Son, I am writing this piece in that capacity. Whatever it is that I am about to say is true regardless of whether or not either of your parents is still present here with us at this time. Realize that your parents’ love for you hasn’t changed just because you’ve grown up; it was there the moment you were brought into this world.

Take it seriously when your parents ask you to abide by requests such as “please call me when you get there” or “please be careful when you are driving.” Realize that your parents’ love for you hasn’t changed just because you’ve grown up. They are filled with joy because of you. You are the center of their universe. This young man was very much like a son to me in many respects. My other son thought of him as his closest companion in the world. Unfortunately, he was killed in a car accident that took place two days ago. His passing is a terrible loss. He was 31 years old at that point in time. You will always have my undying love, Ethan J. Lambes.

Ethan J. Lambes, the amount of anguish that my heart is experiencing at this very moment is beyond the capacity of language to adequately convey. Throughout the years, you and I have established an indisputable friendship while also participating in some life-changing adventures and having profound intellectual exchanges. Because all we had to do was look at each other, there was no need for any kind of conversation to take place. When I was driving back from Ozzfest in the back of the Miller van, you could see how exhausted I was..couldn’t have asked for a better pillow lol. I will never forget how exhausted I was, and I will never forget how you could see how exhausted I was.

Or, there’s always the option of dozing off on a trampoline while it’s below freezing outside and gazing up at the heavens. When people pass from this life, everyone gets together and praises them for being such an incredible person, but you, you were the best of the best. When someone passes on to the next life, their loved ones get together and talk about what an incredible person they were. One of the more compelling illustrations. There is not a single person who would not be able to love you, and I am certain that at this very moment you are looking down on all of us and seeing how much you truly meant to this place. There is not a single person on this planet who would be unable to love you. I’m gona miss you homie.