Eva LeTourneau Obituary, Death – Eva LeTourneau of Owatonna, Minnesota has passed away. Eva lived in Mankato, Minnesota. She worked at Pawn America. Eva was a graduate of Mankato East High School. Eva LeTourneau Your passing will cause a significant amount of pain and loss for those who were close to you, particularly your family and friends. Whenever I think of you, this photograph, which was taken on the day of my wedding, immediately comes to mind. I can’t help but think of it. Your grandfather Clancy is shown there, portrayed as standing right next to you in the picture. When you arrived in heaven, I have no doubt that he was waiting for you with his arms open, ready to give you one of his famous bear hugs.

There is not the slightest bit of uncertainty in my mind about this. That dazzling and contagious grin of yours that you wore all the time is something that none of us will ever be able to forget. Eva, When you came to visit our house, which was inhabited solely by men, you were treated like a member of the family at all times and given our undivided attention. Because of your thoughtfulness and deference, as well as the thought-provoking conversation that we had together, the time that I got to spend with you was extremely enjoyable. This evening, I had the chance to see Lauren, and while we were together, I made it a point to shower her with hugs whenever I got the chance.

I reassured her that she could depend on me in any situation, and that there are many others who are keeping a watchful eye out for her wellbeing. I also told her that there are many others who are keeping an eye out for her wellbeing. I also let her know that there are a lot of other people who are concerned about how she is doing and watching out for her wellbeing. Dearest young lady, I hope and pray that in the end you will be granted the peace that you so richly deserve.