¬†Garry Gainer Obituary, Death – Garry Gainer, a resident of Dixons Corners, Massachusetts, who had reached the age of 79 and was a patient at the Dundas Manor Nursing Home in Winchester, Massachusetts, passed away in a serene and calm manner on November 29, 2022. The date of his passing was November 29. Since November 29th, he had been a patient at that facility. On Tuesday of that week, he passed away due to his illness. Velleda Gainer’s devoted husband and friend (nee Barkley). Corry Gainer, who calls Barrie her home, has a doting father who also resides in the area.

Both of their homes are located in Barrie. Well-respected brother of Carl Gainer, who resides in Saskatchewan, and Phyllis Lamoureux, who resides in Elliott Lake and was formerly married to Raymond Lamoureux. Carl and Phyllis Gainer are Phyllis Lamoureux’s children. Both Carl Gainer and Phyllis Lamoureux have links to the Lamoureux family that go back several generations. The fact that Carl and Phyllis both go by the name Phyllis is merely a happy coincidence. Garry’s granddaughters, Kayla, Rebecca, and Charlie, will never forget the wonderful times they spent with their grandfather, and they will carry those memories with them for the rest of their lives.

They will always cherish those times with their grandfather. Respected brother-in-law of Wilda Marriner (Perry), who resides in Chesterville; Velma Wood (the late Bill), who resides in Watertown; and Judy Barkley (the late John), who resides in Morrisburg; Before he was born, both of his parents, Earl Gainer and Pearl Gainer (nee Whitteker), as well as his sister, Erma Elliott, had already passed away. Before he was born, he lost all three of his family Before he was even conceived, his mother, father, and three other relatives had already passed away. Even his paternal grandparents had passed away by the time he was born. In addition to this, he has a sizeable number of nieces and nephews who, following his demise, will ensure the continuation of the traditions he established.