Gary Schneider Obituary, Death – Gary Schneider, who resided in Greeley, Colorado and was 82 years old at the time of his passing on November 17, 2022, In Greeley, Colorado, on March 1, 1940, his parents, Fred and Irene Schneider, gave birth to him. His birthplace was the state of Colorado. Gary received his diploma from Pierce High School in 1958, after having attended that school. Marjorie Simpson, the woman who would later become his wife, was the one he talked to for the first time on December 20, 1958. After more than three years of service, he was given an honorable discharge from the United States Navy on October 28, 1961.

He had been a proud member of the United States Navy while serving in Texas. After that, Gary worked for Texas Instruments for the better part of three decades in his career there. Gary was an avid player of both the guitar and the harmonica, and he amassed a sizeable collection of both instruments. He used to call Texas home and was a musician in a band that was based there. As soon as he settled in Greeley in 2017, he began sharing the stage with members of various bands at Greeley Place, the Greeley Senior Center, and The Lodge. He was an avid participant in a variety of outdoor pursuits, such as cruising on his motorcycle, fishing, hunting, going out on the water, and even golfing.

His favorite place to travel was Mexico, where he was able to earn his certification as a scuba diver and carry out a number of dives in the country’s stunning waters. He thoroughly enjoyed going on vacation. When he was confined to the house for an extended period of time, he passed the time by sketching, painting on canvas, and carving wood. He had a passion for tinkering with everything he could get his hands on, from cars to airplanes. Gary did not see any reason to engage in conversation with unknown people.

Everyone who knew and loved him will grieve for him in their own unique way after his passing. His daughter, Cori Coffey, and his sister, Marion Cogswell, in addition to a large number of nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and friends, are among those who will continue on after him. Gary was preceded in death by his parents, as well as by his wife, who passed away in 2015, and by his son, Gary Jr., who passed away in 2012.