George Gilliland Obituary, Death – The day before yesterday, I was forced to severe my relationship with a close friend due to circumstances that were beyond my control. Over the course of four decades, we had never lost touch with one another and had managed to keep our friendship going strong. Not only was he a wonderful friend, but he was also an outstanding leader for the labor union. The news that George “Jeep” Gilliland had passed away was shared with the public yesterday afternoon, and it is a depressing and unfortunate turn of events. I am sorry that I am the one who has to be the one to tell you the bad news, but unfortunately, it is required.

Regarding the services, there is currently no information that can be shared with the general public and made available to them. During this difficult time, Rhonda and the rest of her family would be grateful if you would remember them in your prayers and thoughts. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. It would mean a great deal to each and every one of them. Everyone at Stocksbridge Park Steels is in a state of profound shock and mourning after learning about the passing of Brian Wilks. Following the dissemination of this information, everyone has entered a period of mourning.

During this difficult time, we will be thinking about and praying for his family as well as anyone else who had the privilege of being able to call him a friend. We will also pray for anyone else who had the honor of being able to call him a friend. We want to express our condolences on behalf of everyone who was involved with the club during their time here and who participated in activities during their time here. a gentleman of impeccable standing who does not currently belong to any league