George Honeyman Obituary, Death – Honeyman was the professional name that was used to refer to him, even though his full name was Theodore George Honeyman. However, he was recognized by the shorter version of his name. On December first, 2022, George made a stealthy exit from the house that he had been living in for a number of years, and then he disappeared. This occurred not long after the event that had just taken place.
He is a devoted father to his daughters Karen and Stephen, as well as the All-Around Awesome Guy!

His wife, Alison, is very lucky to have such a wonderful man as her husband. During the course of his life, he earned the respect and affection of a significant number of people on every continent as a doting parent and loyal friend. He passed away recently. They will carry his memory with them always in their hearts as a lasting tribute.

A memorial service honoring George’s life will be held at the Sauchie & Coalsnaughton Parish Church on the afternoon of the 13th of December in the year 2022, at three o’clock in the afternoon. This service will be held in celebration of George’s life after his passing. The year 2022 has been set as the date for this gathering. In honor of George, who passed away not too long ago, a memorial service will be held this weekend. A memorial service will also be held in George’s honor at this service, which will also serve as a celebration of his life.

Both are going to take place at the same time. The occurrence of the event is going to proceed as planned. In remembrance of George, who died away not too long ago, this meeting will be held in honor of George’s life and legacy. George passed away not too long ago. In honor and in tribute to George, this get-together will be held using his name.

In place of sending flowers to pay respects to a family member who died away lately, the family of the deceased has asked for memorial gifts to be made in the form of donations to be made to the Strathcarron Hospice.
That you were able to make it to this spot today is something for which I will be eternally grateful. The depth of my appreciation is beyond words.