Gerard Burke Obituary, Death – According to the latest reports, Gerry passed away this afternoon at the St. Joseph’s Hospital located in Kensington, California. He was 88 Gerry completed his novitiate at St. Mary’s Towers in Douglas Park, and on August 5, 1953, he was accepted into the Order of the Holy Cross. Gerry went to Chevalier College for his undergraduate education. This year marks 66 years of combined professional and MSC ministry service for our organization.
When I think about Gerry’s many decades of service to the MSC, I am reminded of the words from the Gospel of St. John, which state that if everything that could be said about Jesus were written down, there would not be enough space in the entire world for the books. When I think about Gerry’s many decades of service, I am reminded of these words.

I will, however, make an effort, albeit a feeble one. To begin, the majority of Gerry’s teaching career was spent in MSC schools, the majority of which were located in Monivae. Two schools that follow the Darwin curriculum are Chevalier and St. John’s. When he was younger, he was also a resident of the Sacred Heart Monastery, which is located in Croydon. That was merely a taste of what was still to come…
The retired Bishop of Darwin, Eugene Hurley, was the subject of an interview.

Before he retired to Chevalier a few years ago, he spent many years in Darwin, where he worked as a volunteer prison visitation chaplain, taught at St. John’s College, and was on the faculty there. During those years, he also taught. In addition to that, he served as a chaplain in a prison. Utilizing his prior experience gained from working in places like the Mackay Hospital, he attended and graduated from a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program in Canberra. This allowed him to better assist patients with their spiritual needs. In addition to that, he was a director at the Sydney office of Encompass.
MSC Students Will Be Present at the Chevalier 2022 Event In recent days, he has been found settling in at the monastery in Kensington. And a joyful recollection of Gerry on the Feast of the Sacred Heart in Chevalier in the year 2022