Gordon Corsetti Obituary, Death – Gordon Corsetti, who had been a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, had a passing that came as a complete and utter shock to his family and friends, who were left in utter disarray as a result. You may have heard of our good friend, fellow worker, and brother Gordon. He is also a member of our family. If you haven’t already, you should get started immediately. If not, you will have to determine whether or not it is futile to attempt it at this point. On Friday, he left this world, and he can rest easy knowing that he will never again suffer. He had been looking for a considerable amount of time.

The presence of Gordon has been very beneficial to both this organization and this sport, as well as to all of us individually. It is impossible to escape his sphere of influence. The magnitude of his impact is difficult to overstate. Absolutely nothing, and I do mean absolutely nothing, can be said.
According to Charlie Obermayer, Gordon’s interests were split between a couple of different things. His interests include the game of lacrosse, the sense of brotherhood he gained from participating in it, and the friendships that he has developed through the sport that will last a lifetime. Lacrosse-lover.

He has high hopes that those around him will develop a deeper comprehension of mental illness. Gordon was conscious of the effect that the difficulties he was experiencing had on other people. The effects of his problems were felt by a large number of people. I admired the straightforward approach he took to finding solutions to problems. He didn’t mince words or avoid the issue. His level of expertise left me in a state of awe.

We are aware of the next step to take as a direct result of his sharing his plans with us. We’ll honor Gordon. Gordon’s drive came from his participation in a wide range of activities and pursuits. He took great pleasure in demonstrating them to us, and we are grateful that he agreed to let us keep them. Because of Gordon, both the world and all of us are in a better position. Gordon’s contributions benefited people all over the world. Our loss. Wow!