Graham Searle Obituary, Death -Graham Searle passed away in 2022. Graham has three children: Nicola, Paul, and Lynne. Graham was fond of Jags. The Jaguar 340. Graham parked his Jaguar near the bank manager’s bike at NatWest. Clerkless? Graham established a Jaguar owners club in 1984. Graham possesses a Jaguar club. Jaguar was approved in 1984. Bristol Motor Show Graham has lived in Bristol since 1988. He oversaw bank applications during Thatcher’s privatization. Graham was elected President in 1991.
Graham shifted in 1993. The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club expanded rapidly, making work difficult.

Graham left the bank after it was privatized. Graham ran the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club from his home with the help of his wife Lynne and Philippa Fox.
Graham oversaw the Old Library’s relocation to Bristol. Graham is popular with JEC. Graham was well-liked in the Club, but his passion for Jaguars and classic cars was felt all over the world. Graham was passionate about cars, the Club, and classics. Graham was devoted. Graham brought up the Windsor Jaguar Festival. 1,200 cars, including 240 Jaguars, greeted HRH Prince Edward.

The Prince Phillip Trust raised £100,000 in donations. Graham is remembered fondly by the chairman of the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club, Peter Purdom: Graham’s JEC: I was Graham’s chairman from 2015 to 2017. He provided assistance to members. He should have stepped down in 2021. Graham and Lynne were fantastic. Lynne adores her family. Graham will be honored at a later date. ”

James Blackwell is Graham’s AGM. Graham was in favor of James retiring in 2021. Graham recalls Blackwell: Graham instructed me. His specialty was nightclubs. I admired his ability to converse with anyone, from King Charles to me at the age of 13. He excelled in the office and on the track. He smiled and chatted at the first and last events. Graham oversaw my club. Members were warmly welcomed. Unfazed. He’s gentle and patient.

Graham’s map of small towns and pubs was fantastic. Graham shared his expertise. My son lent me his “V8 PUS” and gave us furniture after I was born 8 weeks early. This weekend, Jennie and I will toast him. Graham, farewell. Graham is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2021. Standing ovation for the announcement of the judges. Graham enjoyed classics. Lynne, Nicola, Paul, and Graham were all killed.CREMATIONS 2022-12-29 12:30 Westerleigh Cemetery BS37 8QP Graham’s memorial is open to the public. Graham’s family’s privacy is respected by the Club.