Greg Stoudt Obituary, Death – At the time of his passing, Frederic “Greg” Stoudt was 74 years old. He passed away at Victoria Hospital in London, in an environment that was calm and peaceful, surrounded by his family. There, he was able to end his life peacefully. sincere companion of Annette Stoudt for the past four decades (nee DeBell). Dedicated father of Kelly Gibson, Jeff Stoudt, and Shawn Zettel’s wife Kathryn Zettel, who is also known as Pop Pop.

Carrie and Jeff have been married for a while. Grandpa Avery (Micayla) Stoudt was exceptionally devoted to his grandchildren Quinn and Grace Zettel, as well as Trent and Vera Gibson; as a result, all four of his great-grandchildren have a profound affection for him. Greg’s mother, Mary Kathryn (John) Kaupp-MacPherson, his half-sisters Sherrie Stoudt Davis and Terry Stoudt Clive, and his cherished daughter Joanie Stoudt all passed away before Greg did. Greg will be missed in a significant way.

Greg is survived by his beloved “Rotten Kid” Erica (Krumholtz) Baniheshemi, as well as his special cousin Betty Lynn (Mark) Kautz, both of Greg’s half-siblings Bill (Sandra) Stoudt and Chris (Kelli) Stoudt, and Betty Lynn (Mark) Kautz. In addition to this, he is going to be missed by a significant number of beloved companions. After having lived in Port Huron for the first 12 years of his life, he eventually relocated to Lambton County with his mother when he was in his teenage years.

The entirety of Greg’s working life, which now spans 47 years, has been spent at the Dupont/Nova St. Clair River Site in his capacity as an employee. A total of 33 years were spent by him as a volunteer with the St. Clair Township Fire Department at the Corunna Station, 18 of which were spent in the role of Chief. During the time that he served as Chief, he was responsible for running the station.

He had previously held the position of president of the Corunna Legion Branch #447 and was a participant in the motorcycle club known as the Sarnia Street Cruisers. In addition to that, he was a legionnaire in his time. On the 8th of December, 2022, the Knight Funeral Home, which is located in the city of Corunna at 588 St. Clair Parkway, will be open for visitation for friends and family members who wish to pay their respects to the deceased.

Those who are interested in paying their respects should contact the funeral home. On that particular day, there will be a funeral service that will get underway at eleven in the morning. The service will be held in honor of the deceased. On Friday, the ceremony will take place, and Chaplain Kevin McGlade will perform the duties of the officiant for the occasion. Following that, the body will be cremated, and at a later time, the ashes will be buried as a final resting place in the Lakeview Cemetery in Sarnia.