Gregory Quesenberry Obituary, Death –  Gregory Scott Quesenberry is with the Lord. On December 5, he died at home surrounded by his wife. 53-year-old Greg was born on October 3, 1969. He grew up in Dugspur. Many people loved and were touched by him. He helped friends and strangers when he could. He will do anything for everyone and never ask for anything in return. He gave without taking. He was a world-changer. He was usually smiling and hilarious. He was loving and happy. If you met Greg, your life was changed.

Lebrina Quesenberry, or Brie, was his wife of 16 years. They married soon after meeting and created a nice life. Having kids and grandkids. Greg’s greatest blessing would be having children. Greg and Brie made lifelong memories. He’d say Brie was spoilt, but he’d spoil her forever. Greg was the best parent. He was friendly and patient. Someone who would provide advice on anything. Dad’d tell them “you’re grounded” for the dumbest things, yet he wasn’t harsh. Because to Greg’s unwavering love, a blended household became a family.

Greg was one girl’s and his world. Bella provided him so much delight. He was an immediate dad to the baby. Cars and board games: his forte. He’d do everything for his daughter. They were inseparable. He was a doting son. An always-helpful friend. An uplifting coworker. Never a stranger, Greg Quesenberry. He’d black an ounce of payment. Tire smoke and racing gas were his favorite smells. He knew every car’s year, make, and model. He was a Chevy aficionado. He loved cars. His favorite car was a ’69 Chevy Camaro he loved to drift.

His wife, Lebrina Quesenberry; parents, Turner and Hattie Quesenberry; son, Jacob Quesenberry and wife Chelsey; bonus daughters, Brittany Payne, Whittany Pyles, Chelsea Douglas, and Kelsea Thornburg; his baby girl, Bella Quesenberry; grandchildren, Cotton Miller, Derra Thomas, Jase, Lily, and River Bedsaul, Kailynn and Carlee Thornburg;