Harry Bolton Obituary, Death – Investigators in Hull are looking into the possibility that a bite from a spider was what ultimately led to the death of a teenage student there. Harry Bolton was a good student at the University of Hull, where he was currently in his second year when he reached the age of 19. His body was found in the Chancellor’s Walk home he had lived with another person. During the course of the investigation, it came to light that Harry had started experiencing symptoms of illness only four days prior, after he had been bitten by a spider.

Other people who lived in the student housing complex on Cottingham Road mentioned in the past that there was a spider infestation there. During the course of the hearing, it was divulged that on October 7, 2022, Harry’s housemate realized that he had not received a response to the text message that he had sent to Harry and that he had been wondering why he had not heard back from Harry. When he got home from work later that day, he joined another roommate in going to Harry’s flat and knocking on his door.

They decided to notify the site security after they were unable to get a response from him, and the security guards proceeded to smash down the door of his room. After turning on the light, they found Harry laying on his back in his bed with his eyes and lips open. He had been unconscious for some time. He had a regular breathing pattern. It was reported by his roommates as well as a member of the security team that he was bone-chillingly cold to the touch and that there was no movement at all in his chest.

They dialed both the police and the emergency medical services and reported the incident. At the scene of the collision, the paramedics determined that Harry was not breathing and that his heart was not beating. Based on this information, they concluded that Harry had passed away. During the course of their checkup on Harry, they discovered a large wound with a gaping opening on his back that showed signs of infection.