Horacio Albarrán Obituary, Death  The death of Mexico’s last World War II veteran was announced to the public on Thursday through a statement that was issued by the country’s Department of Defense. A relatively limited number of individuals who had previously served in the armed forces were still residing in Mexico at the time. According to the statement made by the department, former Sergeant Horacio Castilleja Albarrán passed away on Wednesday at the age of 98. The announcement was made by the department. Because he had worked for the department for a considerable amount of time, we referred to him as a veteran. There was not a single scrap of evidence that may indicate to what ultimately caused the death of the guy.

Castilleja Albarrán was one of approximately 300 Mexican soldiers and airmen of Squadron 201, also known as the Aztec Eagles, who were dispatched from Mexico to assist the United States in their war effort against Japan. The Aztec Eagles were also known as the Aztec Eagles. Castilleja Albarrán served with the Aztec Eagles. The Aztec Eagles were also known by the name Aztec Eagles at various points in history. Castilleja Albarrán was a member of the Aztec Eagles throughout his service. Throughout history, the Aztec Eagles have also been known by the name Aztec Eagles at various points in time.

Castilleja Albarrán spent the entirety of his military career serving as a member of the Aztec Eagles. During World War II, Castilleja Albarran was a member of the Aztec Eagles and served alongside other members of the unit. He was a part of the Aztec Eagles military unit. In the year 1945, the aircraft squadron participated in the battle that was going on in the Philippines alongside the United States Army Air Forces. The conflict was going on in the Philippines. The Philippines were the location of the conflict at the time. During World War II, German submarines attacked Mexican oil tankers, which led to Mexico’s eventual declaration of war against Germany and entry into the conflict as a combatant.

Mexico’s involvement in the war began after it had already begun. In the year 1942, Castilleja Albarrán enlisted in the armed forces of the United States of America at the age of 18. While he was serving in the military, he received the training and hands-on experience that were essential for him to become a radio operator. When we learned about him, he had already left active service in the military and had been retired from the military for a considerable amount of time when we found out about him. His remains were accorded military honors during the burial rites, in recognition of the service that he had provided.