Ian Shoemaker Obituary, Death –  Ian Shoemaker passed away peacefully in the environment that he called home. 1956 was the year that Mr. Shoemaker made his entrance into the world. After the deaths of both of his parents before he was born, Robert Shoemaker and Sally Warren Renolds gave birth to their son. He was named Renolds Shoemaker. They could only have a son despite their best efforts. Landscapers by trade, Ian and Toni Overcash went into business together to launch their own landscaping enterprise. Toni Overcash, a specialist in plant cultivation relished being able to spend time outdoors, basking in the warmth of the sun and breathing in fresh air by participating in pursuits such as fishing and tending to his garden. When it came time for Ian Shoemaker to move on, his brother Keith had already done so, having followed in the footsteps of both of Ian’s parents before him.

All of Mr. Shoemaker’s family members, including his wife, Toni Shoemaker, his three brothers, Mike Shoemaker, Steve Shoemaker (Wendy), and Joe Shoemaker (Silvana), and his sister, Nancy Shoemaker Walker, are present today in order to pay their respects to Mr. Shoemaker and celebrate his life. There is also someone here by the name of Joe Shoemaker. He has been joined in matrimony to Silvana. When he leaves, there will suddenly be a hole in the group that nobody can fill.

Funeral services and interment will be held at the Shoemaker Family Cemetery in Harmony, North Carolina, on the day of the funeral. In the preceding sentence, the Shoemaker Family Cemetery was mentioned for the first time. As the master of ceremonies, the Reverend Tia Bartlett will preside over the ceremonies that are to take place. After the conclusion of the service, the family will engage in conversation with the individuals who were present.

Donations can be made in memory of the deceased individual to the Troutman Funeral Home, and anyone who is interested in doing so should give serious consideration to doing so. Donations will be accepted in order to cover the costs of the funeral. To send your condolences to the Shoemaker family, please visit www.troutmanfuneralhome.com and follow the instructions provided there. You are at liberty to conduct yourself in any manner that strikes your fancy.