Ian Shumaker Obituary, Death – We are so heartbroken to have to share Ian Robert Shumaker’s passing with you. He placed a great deal of value on his large, boisterous family, his lifelong friends, his school friends, and his teachers, and he loved and cared for them all dearly. Each of you meant a great deal to him.
He has one of the most loving and compassionate hearts we’ve ever encountered. He had the experience of someone much wiser than his years. He enjoyed making people laugh, nostalgia, music, the Beatles, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Hamilton. He also enjoyed Minecraft and Legos. He also had a passion for Star Wars, music, and history.

Above all else, he enjoyed being Crosby’s older brother. He was always making him laugh, teaching him, and watching out for him. He frequently affirmed that he loved every minute of his role as Crosby’s older brother. Ian was reminded of how proud we were of him almost every day. We assured him that helping people and achieving great things would be his life’s work and gave him encouragement to do so. He had just started talking to us about his desire to serve as a senator or even the president of the United States of America.

Anyone who knew Ian was aware of his passion for the holidays. We absolutely adore this time of year. The boys received notes from Buddy the Elf during his yearly visit during the holiday season. He was eager to decorate the house and hang the Christmas tree. He spent countless hours watching Christmas movies while curled up on the couch with a mug of hot cocoa. It didn’t really matter whether it was December or July, though, because he was probably muttering Jingle Bells to himself.
Because of Ian’s enthusiasm for the holiday season and our conviction that he would accomplish great things and benefit others, we have decided that he should give the gift of organ and tissue donation. We find comfort in the idea that because of our misfortune, someone else will have a Christmas miracle.