Issei Sagawa Obituary, Death –  Issei Sagawa, also known as the “Kobe Cannibal,” has passed away at the age of 73. He was noted for his cannibalistic tendencies. He was notorious for his cannibalistic habits, which earned him the name. He was a Japanese serial killer who gained notoriety for killing and eating a Dutch student, despite the fact that he was never imprisoned for the murder that he committed. Despite this, he became notorious for his actions.

According to a statement that was released by Sagawa’s younger brother and a friend, the funeral for Sagawa, who passed away on November 24 as a result of pneumonia, was a private event that was only attended by his relatives. Sagawa passed away on November 24. On November 24th, Sagawa took his last breath. No arrangements were being made for a public celebration that was going to be conducted in his honor at this time.

The announcement was made by the publisher of a book that is scheduled to be published in 2019, and that book was authored by Sagawa’s brother. When Sagawa was a student at a university in Paris in 1981, he invited Renee Hartevelt, a student from the Netherlands who was also attending the same university, to pay a visit to him at his apartment. Renee Hartevelt decided to go ahead and accept the offer.

He shot her in the neck, raped her, and then, over the period of three days, he consumed various portions of her body that he had stolen from her after he had raped her. After that, he made an attempt to get rid of her corpse in the park of Bois de Boulogne, but instead of accomplishing his objective, he ended up getting arrested in that location and losing his freedom. Psychologists and other experts in the field of psychiatry came to the opinion that Sagawa did not have the mental capacity to stand trial, and they recommended that he be released from custody.