Izzy Parr Obituary, Death – Isabelle Parr, 21, was discovered dead on the side of the road near 850 West 800 North on Thursday evening. Her body was discovered in the road. According to police, the driver who hit Isabelle Parr and killed her fled the scene of the accident after it occurred. Her loved ones and friends are struggling to come to terms with their loss as a result of the death of a woman who was struck and killed while out jogging. While law enforcement continues to look for the suspect, members of Parr’s family reflect on the times they were able to spend with their loved one.

“Her favorite flower was a sunflower, and it kind of just perfectly encapsulates who she was,” says Lizzy Bettinson, Parr’s cousin and also a fan of sunflowers. Sunflowers were her all-time favorite flower. Bettinson described her cousin, who had a birthday coming up in a few weeks, as someone who exuded joy in every aspect of their being. This description was provided because the cousin was approaching his birthday. “She was just so wonderful, always wanting to help other people,” she continued. [Continued] And all she wanted was to be able to contribute in some way that would make a difference.

Bettinson returned to the Provo River Trail near where Parr was killed on Friday morning, less than 24 hours after his cousin was killed there. He scattered yellow flowers throughout the area. She stated that the family is seeking the community’s help in determining who committed this act in the hopes that Parr’s loved ones will be able to find closure as a result of this investigation.

Bettinson has stated that “we don’t know anything right now.” “If you have any information, please share it with anyone so that we can figure out who did it and what happened.” “If you have any information, please share it with anyone.” “The most difficult part is simply not knowing what happened or what went wrong,” one person stated. The most difficult aspect is “not knowing.” The Provo Police Department is asking anyone with information about the circumstances surrounding Parr’s death to contact them.