Jakeyma Waltower Obituary, Death – Just the fact that you are a part of my life has brought me an enormous amount of blessing. It is strongly suggested that you get in touch with Jakeyma Mone’ Waltower-Mclean as soon as possible. Your radiant smile and gorgeous side smirks, both of which you shared with others, demonstrated the passion that you had for life and contributed to the wonderful energy that you brought into my life. Thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you. excellence in terms of both elegance and charismatic presence.

You definitely stood out from the crowd due to the fact that you have a one-of-a-kind way with words and an attitude that is out of this world. I have witnessed your development into the self-assured mother and lady that you have become today. You are indeed an inspiration to me. I am grateful that I was able to help you get through all of life’s difficulties by standing by your side, regardless of whether or not those difficulties were good for you. We first became friends when you were a little girl and participated in my step program. Since then, our relationship has only grown stronger.

During the time that we have spent together, I have witnessed your development into a powerful and self-assured African American woman. I will never forget all of the incredible days that we spent together, the step shows that we won together, or the heart-to-heart conversations that we had. All of those things will stay with me forever. Those are the items that will remain in my possession for the remainder of my life. I have every intention of continuing in this endeavor until the very end of my days. I adore you BABYGIRL! As we say our goodbyes to you, I will teach your stepsisters and you how to properly do a farewell step salute in your honor. I’m sorry to see you go, but I hope our paths will cross again very soon. ~ Darius Comale