James Emery Obituary,  Death – James Emery, also known as Big Jim, passed away on November 16th, which was a Wednesday. He was known to all of us as Big Jim. I am the one who is going to have to be the one to break the news to you that my father has passed away, and doing so will leave me with a heavy heart. He had 73 years of experience, so he could look back on that. In 1967, Dad took a job at the Lucky Supermarket in Tujunga location 469 as a cashier. That year was his first year working there.

He remained employed by the company until 1997, at which point he stepped down from his role as receiver at Store 465 in Glendale and retired altogether. Since 1974, he had worked for the company continuously. Dad worked for Lucky Supermarket all the way up until the time that he decided to retire. During this time, he was able to gain experience in a wide range of different professions.

He was one of the most conscientious people I’ve ever known, and he arranged his life so that his church, his friends, and his family were at the center of everything he did. He didn’t have time for anything else. In addition to this, I found him to be one of the most honest individuals I’ve ever had the opportunity to speak with. Another brave warrior who fought with honor has joined the ranks of those who came before them in death. In lieu of sending flowers, memorial contributions can be made to the Tunjunga United Methodist Church’s Bailey Center Food Bank in Jim’s name by making checks payable to the church. You can find the address for the food bank here. Jim Bailey is the person responsible for establishing both the Bailey Center and the Bailey Center. To each and every member of the happy family that I have, I send my most sincere thoughts and best wishes.