James Rippee Obituary, Death – James Mark Rippee, who was blind, profoundly mentally ill, homeless, and unaided despite his sisters’ efforts for years to change that, died on Tuesday at the age of 59. James Mark Rippee was unaided, despite the fact that his sisters worked tirelessly to change that. His sisters spent all of those years trying to change that, but they were unable. It is plausible to argue that he died as a result of organ failure, which is what the medical team at Fairfield North Bay Medical Center claimed happened after an untreated urinary tract infection caused sepsis in the patient.

You could also argue that the true cause was a motorcycle accident in 1987, which caused him to lose his sight as well as a portion of his frontal lobe when he was 24 years old. The fact that the event occurred in 1987 lends credence to this hypothesis. This is yet another explanation for the phenomenon. He turned insane as a result of the brain injury and constituted a threat to himself and others over the next few years.

Even though no one knows who left Mark at a Vacaville emergency room unable to breathe at 2:30 a.m. on Saturday morning, long after he should have received medical attention, you could consider some form of accountability for the business owner who had recently charged him $600 a month to let him sleep in his backyard with other homeless people. Even if no one knows who left Mark there, the business owner should be held accountable in some way.

The business owner had charged him this amount over the past few months. You may also argue that he died because we did not care enough about his well-being for him to live long enough for us to notice. Even though “everyone” was saddened by his public predicament — “Everybody knows Mark quite well, and we do feel for him,” Solano County’s director of Health and Social Services, Gerald Huber, told me before I first wrote about Mark in August — nothing came of it as officials walked past him outside the county building where he slept most nights for the last 15 years. Despite the fact that “everyone” was saddened by his very public predicament,