Jamie Freeman Obituary, Death – Jamie Freeman has died from brain cancer on December, 03, 2022 at the age of 57. Jamie Freeman was a British singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer who fronted The Jamie Freeman Agreement. He was the brother of Martin Freeman, an actor, and Tim Freeman, a musician (Frazier Chorus). He and his ex-wife, Stevie Smith, co-founded Union Music Store in Lewes, East Sussex. He was a member of both the Americana Music Association (Nashville) and the Americana Music Association UK, and his song “The Fire,” which he co-wrote with Ben Glover, was nominated for UK Song Of The Year at the UK Americana Awards.

Freeman’s primary instrument was the guitar, but he also played the drums. He began drumming at the age of 13 and spent eight years with Brighton alt.country rockers Salter Cane. When performing solo, he used electric and acoustic guitars, as well as a kick drum. He also played keyboards, bass, lap steel, and percussion in the studio. He toured with Frazier Chorus and appeared on their third album, Wide Awake, on the Pure label.

Dreams About Falling, his 2019 album, features co-writes with Angaleena Presley, Brandy Zdan, and Amy Speace, among others. (Two songs on Freeman’s second album were co-written with Kentucky poet Amy Tudor.) The album also includes duets with Brandy Zdan, Amy Speace, and Angaleena Presley. Over thirty live shows were held in support of the album’s release. Freeman attended the House of Songs Songwriter Summit in Bentonville, Arkansas, in 2019, where he collaborated with Elles Bailey, Dylan Earle, Graham Weber, and Jonathan Terrell.

The Jamie Freeman Agreement followed up with 100 Miles From Town, which features guest appearances by Larkin Poe, Brandy Zdan, Richard Smith, and The Good Lovelies, among others. Just You, his first album released under his own name, was described by Gilded Palace as “a perfect blend of UK folk/American roots.” Dreams About Falling, his third album, was produced by Grammy-nominated[11] Neilson Hubbard and received 4-star reviews in Maverick Music Magazine and R’N’R magazine.