Janae Boyd Obituary, Death –┬áThe untimely passing of our cherished Chapter President, Janae T. McCullough-Boyd, has caused the sisters of Iota Chi Omega to be overcome with a profound sense of melancholy as a direct result of this tragedy. We were all taken utterly and totally by surprise by the news of her passing. The suddenness with which she passed away caught everyone off guard. The unexpected swiftness with which she departed this world took everyone by surprise.

The unexpected swiftness with which she departed from this world shocked everyone, as it had not been anticipated that she would leave it. The initiation ceremony that served as Janae’s official introduction to the society was hosted by the Ball State University chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Beta Phi in the spring of 1999. The ceremony was sponsored by the chapter. The initiation ceremony that Janae participated in was the first step on her path to becoming a member of the organization.

During the course of this event, she was presented with the official membership pin for the organization that she belongs to. The responsibility of planning and carrying out the event was delegated to the chapter. The Beta Phi fraternity’s home served as the setting for the deeds that were carried out, which were carried out at the house that was owned by the fraternity. The event took place in this home, which served as the setting.

When she is no longer with us, we will miss her infectious grin, her ability to make us laugh, and the significant contribution she made to our development as a group. All of these are qualities that she possesses, and we are going to miss them very much. Please keep her in your prayers, as well as the prayers of her husband, Terrill, and her two sons, Jonathan and Jackson, as well as the prayers of anybody else who truly loved her. I am grateful.