Jeff Copenhaver Obituary,  Death – According to reports, Jeff Copenhaver passed away suddenly, leaving behind loved ones, family members, and the entirety of the community in a state of mourning and pain. When he was only fourteen years old, he quickly rose to the top of the local rodeo scene, and by 1975, he had won the World Calf Roping Championship. He won the championship despite the fact that he had no prior experience. He got his start in rodeo by competing in rodeos held in smaller towns, and that’s where his meteoric rise to the top of the sport began. The couple tied the knot at the illustrious Ellensburg Rodeo in September of 1978, and the ceremony took place in Ellensburg, Washington. Sherry Geschwendt was chosen to take the role of bride.

After those two years had passed, in 1983, he and his wife Sherry were granted the gift of a child when their daughter Shandy was born. In 1986, Jeff and Sherry became the first pastors of Cowboy Church after taking over the leadership of the congregation. Jeff and Sherry presided over the funeral services that were held at Billy Bob’s, which is located within the bull riding arena in Fort Worth. After that, they proceeded to construct on their property in Granbury, Texas, a stunning log church that came to be known as the “New Frontier Cowboy Church.” All of his ancestors passed away before he was born, including Leslie Dinnison, Cheryl Copenhaver, and Deb, his biological father. His biological father was a man named Deb, and his stepmother’s name was Cheryl Copenhaver.

His immediate family consists of his wife Sherry, daughter Shandy Stromberg, grandchildren Chloe, Heidi, Dixie, and Bjorn, sisters Debbie Fellows and Kellie Hurt, and brother Guy Copenhaver. His wife Sherry is a nurse. His daughter Shandy is married to a firefighter, and his wife Sherry works in the medical field as a nurse. His wife, Sherry, his daughter Shandy and her husband Cody Stromberg, and his grandchildren Chloe and Heidi are the only members of his family to survive him. Because he was so many people’s friend and counselor, the roles he played in their lives will cause his absence to be felt keenly due to the significance he held in those lives. Because of his impact, the lives and sentiments of a great number of individuals will be altered for all time.