Jeff Jacobs Obituary,  Death – Yesterday evening, a fellow page member named Jeff Jacobs passed away. It is with a heavy heart that I have to break the news to you. Jeff has been dealing with health problems for quite some time, and in the past week he has experienced some significant setbacks in his battle. He was taken to the hospital over the holiday weekend, and he passed away last night. Amazingly talented and the driving force behind ARTWERKS, Jeff was. I have high hopes that these photographs will do justice to his status as a true artist, who possessed truly remarkable abilities. His replicas at a scale of 1/24 were nothing short of incredible!!!

I have attached a number of pictures, but what you won’t be able to see is that these replicas featured working suspension and steering. I have included these pictures for your convenience. Not merely improvised constructions, but ones that are dead-on replicas of the originals! It is well worth your time to check out the videos that Jeff has posted on his Facebook page detailing the construction of the 1/24 scale models. Jeff was also interested in H.O. scale slot cars, and I will also add a wingless Fred Rahmer Bud #21 Sprint car and a #11 Russ Smith coupe that I built from Jeff’s bodies. Both of these cars were constructed using Jeff’s bodies.

Jeff was also a big fan of the local dirt track racing, to the point where he sponsored the “Hard Charger” award at BAPS speedway for a number of years. He was an outspoken advocate for the Super Sportsman category. In addition to that, Jeff had some experience with model railroading on the H.O. scale; however, the word “experience” does not do justice to the quality of his work. It pains me deeply every time we have to say goodbye to one of our brothers in the world of Dirt Track Slot Cars and Dirt Track racing. Jeff, may you finally rest in peace..