Jerry Cohen Obituary, Death – On Tuesday, Jerry (Gerald) Cohen, a former member of our staff, a friend, and a long-time educator who was held in high regard, passed away peacefully. Jerry (Gerald) Cohen had been an educator for many years. Jerry (Gerald) Cohen had been serving in this capacity for a good number of years prior to his retirement. Prior to his retirement, Jerry (Gerald) Cohen had been serving in this capacity for a significant amount of time before he stepped down. Jerry was a man who was well-known for the generosity and kindness that he showed to others.

We are the ones who must take on the burden of bearing the duty of carrying the weight of all of this information on our shoulders. During the more than 25 years that Jerry spent as a teacher at Bialik High School, his students not only shown a great lot of excitement for the topics that he instructed them in, but they also praised and admired him for his work in the field of social studies and economics. Over the course of those three decades, Jerry put in a combined total of more than 25 years of work as a professor at that particular institution.

Please accept our most heartfelt condolences on behalf of his family as well as the innumerable friends and coworkers he treasured throughout his life. He will be greatly missed. He will be sorely missed by everyone. His Bialik students will never forget the tremendous enthusiasm he brought into the classroom, and they will always respect the devotion and resourcefulness he displayed while teaching them. His legacy will live on in the minds of his Bialik pupils forever. His pupils at Bialik will remember him with fondness for the rest of their life regardless of where they go or what they do. His students at Bialik will have a pleasant and fuzzy sensation in their hearts whenever they think back on him for the rest of their lives. Baruch Dayan Ha’Emet.