Jerwin Belmonte Obituary, Death – At the end of the previous month, the charred remains of a human being were found inside of a vehicle in Burlington. The incident took place earlier in the month. The room contained the charred remnants of the body of the deceased person that had been burned. The police in Halton have arrived at the conclusion that the person in question was the victim of a homicide, and they have decided that the person whose body was found to be their victim.

In addition, they have determined that the person who was killed was the person who was in issue. In addition to this, they have come to the conclusion that the individual who was killed was the one in issue. On November 27, at about 3:30 in the morning, reports were received of a vehicle fire in the surrounding region. As a direct consequence of this, police officers were dispatched to the area surrounding 5463 Dundas Street in order to investigate the situation and get a deeper comprehension of what was taking place.

After the fire was brought under control, the personnel from the emergency services entered the vehicle and discovered a dead corpse inside. Jerwin Belmonte, who is now 31 years old and lives in the city of Edmonton, has been singled out by the investigators as the person who was injured as a direct result of this event. Jerwin Belmonte dwells in Edmonton. According to the most recent information that has been made public by the Toronto Police Department, there is reason to believe that Belmonte may have only recently moved into the city of Toronto within the past few months.

This sighting took place in the vicinity of Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue East on November 26, which was the last time he was seen alive in the city. This sighting took place on November 26. The city is the location where he was last seen alive. After that terrible day, no one has any information about him or what became of him. Since then, no one has spoken forward to assert that they have come into contact with him or that they have seen him.