As soon as we heard the news that former Saints striker Jim O’Rourke had gone away earlier today at the age of 76, we were immediately thrown into a deep state of sadness. The anguish we feel over his departure is insurmountable. While playing for Hibernian, Jimmy first rose to prominence in the football world. In 1962, when he was just 16 years old, he was given the opportunity to make his debut there, and over the course of the subsequent 12 years, he went on to become a legendary figure. He was a member of the Hibernian team for a combined total of twelve years.

He made major contributions to the goal-scoring efforts of his team in all three of the competitions: the domestic encounter, the cup final, and the European competition. When he was inducted into the Hibernian FC Hall of Fame in 2012, he received the formal recognition that he deserved for all of his achievements. By the time he left Easter Road in 1974 to join Muirton Park for a substantial price, he had already established himself as a legendary figure and was just as successful for the Saints as he had been for his previous club, Hibs. Muirton Park was named after him. He took off down Easter Road in the direction of Muirton Park for a significant quantity of money.

When he left Easter Road, he was a legend, and he was taken to Muirton Park in exchange for a significant amount of money. He still managed to score eight of the meager total of 29 league goals we scored during that season, despite the fact that the club’s first season in the Premier League in 1975–1976 was a complete and absolute failure for the organization. This occurred during the 1975–1976 campaign. It was largely due to his performance during the league season of 1974–1975, during which he scored 15 goals while playing in a total of 34 games.

This was a significant factor in us becoming the first team in our history to be promoted to the Premier League. When our team was relegated in the summer of 1976, Jim was traded to Motherwell in exchange for Ian Taylor and we moved down a division. Jim signed with Motherwell and played for the team for the next two seasons after making the move. This decision was made after the team came to the conclusion that they would continue playing football on a part-time basis. As a result, Jim ultimately decided to leave the company. Jimmy was only with the Saints for a short period of time, but in that time he was able to accomplish a lot for the team. During this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with Jimmy’s family and friends.