Jimmy Nichols Obituary, Death – On December 2, 2022, Jimmy Nichols, who had lived in Hodges his whole life and had reached the age of 61 at the time of his dying, passed away while he was at home. He had lived in Hodges until the day he died. At the time of his departure, he had already lived to the ripe old age of 61. In memory of those who have passed away, a Memorial Service will be held at the cemetery on Saturday, December 10, 2022, at eleven in the morning.

The date and time of the event are still to be determined. Mt. Zion Cemetery, which is located in Hodges and is accessible by County Highway 102, will serve as the location for the commemoration of this event. Following that, members of the congregation will lead singing at the Mt. View Church of Christ at 11:30, and then following that, there will be fellowship and food there at 12:30. Those people on the following list are the only ones who are currently thought to have survived the disaster.

Wendy Nichols is the name of the husband’s wife, the Nichols children’s names are Justin (Sharee) Nichols and Kaylan Nichols, the Nichols grandchildren’s names are Jackson and Rosalie Nichols, and other members of the family include the following: the husband’s mother; the husband’s father; the husband’s brother; and the husband’s sister. Sister: Brenda (Frankie) Hicks and Their Children, Sister-In-Law: Eva Nichols and Her Son Tim Nichols, Mother-In-Law: Barbara Walker.

Nichols’ brother James Nichols, his parents JC and Gladys Nichols, and Nichols’ father-in-law Gearald Walker are all members of the Nichols family who went away before Nichols was born. Nichols is the last surviving member of his immediate family. Additionally, members of the Nichols family married into the Walker family, making Gearald their new father-in-law as a result of these marriages.