Jock Ormiston Obituary, Death – We were in a state of shock the previous day after learning the awful news that Jock Ormiston had passed away the day before, and as a result, we were depressed when we got up the next day. We were taken aback when we learned that Jock Ormiston had passed away the day before. The news came as a complete surprise to us. The day before, we had access to all of the relevant information. The news of his departure came as a total surprise to us because there was no reason for us to believe that he would move anywhere.

Jock served as the President of our club from 2004 until 2006, and he is currently acting in the role of our Referee Secretary. The time that Jock spent in that role was equal to two years. Even though it has been more than forty years since he first got affiliated with the Jed-Forest RFC in any form, he still maintains an active role within the organization. The entirety of his time spent at the institution has not been able to sever this connection, as it has remained as strong as ever.

The fact that this connection even exists can be traced back to a variety of distinct configurations and settings. Jock was a true Jed-Forest veteran. He had served the club that he loved for more than 40 years of his life, which was a significant portion of his lifetime. The Jed-Forest club was one of Jock’s favorites. His commitment to the cause was well-known throughout the community because to the work he did for the organization.

During that time frame, he was a participant on the club’s board of directors and provided his services to the organization in that position. At that time, he was serving on the board of directors of the club, and in that capacity, he was accountable for delivering services to the organization. After he joined the club, he continued his service to the organization in the same capacity that he had held before he joined. At the time, he was a member of the club’s board of directors.