John Boyd Obituary, Death – On the morning of December 3rd, one of our best members was killed in a senseless act of violence, and our family was devastated. John Boyd died, leaving behind a wife and seven children, including a three-week-old daughter. All I wanted to do right now was try to help Nekiey in any way I could, and this is one way I knew we could. Her husband of 19 years died suddenly last night, leaving her to raise six of their seven children alone.

She had a baby daughter less than three weeks ago, and this happened only last night. She had to return to work eight days after having a c-section to support her family. She requires any help she can get because she is now caring for a family of six children. She already owes money on bills because of the new baby’s birth, and now she must bury her beloved without life insurance because he was taken from all those babies way too soon due to someone taking his own life.

Any contribution would be highly appreciated by this family, so please think about it. I didn’t want to make a go fund me page since they take a % of the funds, so I’m going to include her cash app in this article so everything goes directly to them. They are in urgent need after their father died recently. She may prefer to have the ceremonies performed in West Virginia or here in Cleveland.

Nevertheless, she requires financial support in order to bury her husband, take time off work, and, ideally, pay her expenditures. If anyone wishes to donate but does not have Cash App, please contact me and we will figure out how to get it to her. Simply put, we want to do everything in our power to help our family and lighten Nekiey’s load.